Tile and grout cleaning in tacoma

Tile adds variety in texture, style, and durability to kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, and even outdoor patios. The downfall? Most people have a difficult time getting these surfaces sparkly clean. 

This is in large part because areas where tile and grout are installed are often the most susceptible to dirt, spills, and bacteria growth. So what can be done? The good news is, Chem-Dry tile cleaning offers several key advantages. Here are just a few of the benefits of having your tile professionally cleaned


#1 – Chem-Dry removes deep dirt that your scrubbing can’t. 

Dirt makes your tile and grout look dingy and discolored over time. You’ve probably noticed that no matter how many hours you spend on your hands and knees trying to clean it, it’s difficult to see the results you’re looking for. Chem-Dry uses professional grade equipment that’s powerful enough to blast through even the toughest dirt trapped in porous grout and tile surfaces. 


#2 – Chem-Dry applies a protective sealant that blocks stains and germs. 

Most tile comes with a protective coating, but the bad news is, it wears out over time. And because grout is so porous and vulnerable to liquid stains, these ares can become extremely dirty and packed with bacteria. The good news is, as part of our tile and grout cleaning service, Chem-Dry will reseal your tile and grout for you. This means your surfaces will be left more protected and resilient than before and will stay cleaner longer.


#3 – Chem-Dry saves you the wasted time and elbow grease. 

You’ve probably experienced how even the most diligent scrubbing doesn’t deliver professional quality tile cleaning results. This is because porous grout surfaces act like a sponge—absorbing whatever comes their way. And because grout lies lower than tile, it’s the perfect spot for messes and germs to collect. So save yourself the back pain and disappointment of your efforts not yielding the best results, and enlist the help of Chem-Dry. 


#4 – Chem-Dry tile cleaning is affordable. 

Not only can Chem-Dry help save you time, but money in the long run, too. We utilize powerful equipment that would be too costly to invest in yourself. Plus, we can help you get additional years out of your tile investment by preserving and maintaining it. We also offer a variety of cleaning coupons to help fit our services into any budget.


#5 – Chem-Dry tile cleaning can help you have a healthier home. 

Chem-Dry tile cleaning not only helps your home look its best, but to actually be it’s best. Our tile and grout cleaning process not only cleans your floors until they shine like new, but removes 98.6% of bacteria from tile, stone, and grout in the process. Removing harmful bacteria and allergens with Chem-Dry tile cleaning can help protect your family from allergies and illness. 


Tile Cleaning In Tacoma, Washington 

We recommend having your tile professional cleaned at least once each year to maintain its brightness, protective sealing, and freedom from allergies and bacteria. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of Chem-Dry tile cleaning today! 

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