upholstery cleaning in the tacoma wa area3 Reasons To Prioritize Upholstery Cleaning

With all of the tasks on your list to keep up with around your home, it’s no surprise how upholstery cleaning might be overlooked now and again. 

Upholstery cleaning is important for several reasons, especially when you consider how much time you and your loved ones likely spend on the couch and other furniture. Here are a few key reasons why keeping up with your upholstery cleaning in Tacoma, Washington is essential.  

#1 – Preserve the lifespan and appearance of your furniture.

It’s true that upholstery cleaning can help your furniture look its best. However, even upholstery that doesn’t appear noticeably dirty can be filled with dirt and other particles that wear down the fibers over time. With a little help from Chem-Dry, your furniture can last even longer through routine cleanings.

#2 – Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning is good for your health. 

While the look and feel of your home is important, even more so is making sure you’ve created a safe environment for your loved ones to live. 

Upholstery is actually one of the biggest collectors of bacteria, dirt, mold, fleas, dust mites, odors, allergens, and a variety of other health hazards. And each time you, your family, or your pets sit down on the couch, these contaminants can spread. 

Chem-Dry can help make sure the spot where you and your loved ones spend the most time is a place of comfort and tranquility, not a danger zone or breeding ground for germs. 

#3 – Improve indoor air quality with Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning.

Now that you know the types of nasty germs that could be living in your upholstery, consider how easily these hazards could be stirred up into the air you breathe. Chem-Dry can help protect your family from various illnesses and respiratory issues by improving indoor air quality with our revolutionary upholstery cleaning method. 

Upholstery Cleaning In Tacoma, Washington

Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning is proven to remove 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery plus 89% of airborne bacteria. Trust in our team to help make your home a healthier, safer place with upholstery cleaning throughout Tacoma, Washington. 

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