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The holidays bring traditions, joy, and memories to be made. For this and many other reasons, it’s no surprise why this is the favorite time of year for so many. But from a practical standpoint, the holiday season also requires additional prep and upkeep around your home. 

This doesn’t have to be something daunting that gets in the way of you enjoying the holidays. With help from Chem-Dry, protecting and cleaning your floors can be stress-free, and even enhance the beauty and fun you enjoy this season. Here’s how. 


Enjoy The Holidays More Fully With Chem-Dry Cleaning

Your home likely features a variety of different flooring, like carpet, hardwood floors, tile, and area rugs. This time of year makes these materials even more vulnerable to stains, wear, and damage. 

Consider the influx of guests you’ll have coming in and out of your home and walking across your floors. Also, think about the fact that shoes will likely be covered with moisture and mud more than any other time of year, and the risk this could pose to your flooring. More company and holiday entertaining in your home also increase the chance of spills and stains. 

Worrying about food getting dropped on your floors and what your guests are tracking in on their shoes are legitimate concerns, but can also get in the way of you enjoying the season to the fullest. That’s where Chem-Dry comes in. 

When we treat and care for the carpets, wood floors, tile, and rugs in your home, we can not only make these areas look their best but can strengthen and protect them, too. We apply a special protectant solution that adds a fortifying barrier to carpet and rug fibers, wood, and tile surfaces that acts as a shield between your floors and the dirt and stains that may come in contact with them. We can also remove stains, bacteria, allergens, and odors and restore vibrancy and shine to your floors. 


Floor Cleaning In Tacoma, Washington

Make your holiday prep easier this season with help from Green Leaf Chem-Dry! The benefits of doing so are clear. We can help you maximize the cleanliness, health, and beauty of your home, and also more fully enjoy the holidays this year by knowing your floors are resilient and in good hands. 

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