leather furniture cleaning tacoma wa

Leather furniture is stunning, timeless, and highly durable. However, there are a few main culprits that break down leather and cause it to wear down quickly. The good news is, with help from the leather cleaning experts at Chem-Dry, you can preserve the life of your furniture and effectively combat these four causes of deterioration. 


#1 – Various Oils

Oils exist naturally on the bodies of both humans and animals. These oils are secreted onto leather furniture every day through regular use. While it may seem nearly impossible to prevent this from happening, it’s possible to reverse the damage oils do to the protective coating on leather furniture with help from Chem-Dry. 


#2 – Airborne Substances

Whatever is floating around in the air will inevitably make its way onto your leather furniture—things like dust, cooking oils, dirt, and odors. The build-up of these everyday contaminants can deposit on and break down your leather furniture unless treated and removed with routine leather upholstery cleaning


#3 – Dirt And Soil

It’s understandable how just about everything our bodies come in contact with can make their way onto leather furniture. This can include dirt, sand, and food particles. These abrasive substances brought in by family members, children, and pets adhere to and wear down leather surfaces if not removed quickly. 


#4 – Inks And Dyes

Dyes from clothing like denim can easily be transferred to leather furniture, as well as ink from pens or children’s artwork. These are particularly damaging to leather and can leave unsightly stains that may be difficult to remove without help from a professional who specializes in leather upholstery cleaning


Leather Cleaning In Tacoma, Washington

The type of cleaning solution you use on your leather furniture is crucial when it comes to avoiding further damage and getting the best possible results. The leather cleaning products and methods Chem-Dry uses on these surfaces are powerful yet gentle. We can repair scratches, scuffs, fading, and stains that may seem impossible to get rid of. 

To keep your leather furniture looking its best, schedule a professional leather cleaning and conditioning service at least once each year. We look forward to rejuvenating your leather upholstery for years to come. 

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