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Nothing makes a statement quite like granite countertops. These stunning pieces are not only impressive from a design standpoint but are extremely durable and functional, too. However, if you have granite countertops installed in your home, you also know they require extra care and attention to clean and preserve.  


Daily Granite Countertop Cleaning

Granite is a natural stone that needs to be sealed in order to keep moisture, stains, and bacteria away. Over time, the seal on your granite will wear down and needs to be replaced. 

Make it a daily habit to clean your granite surfaces. Use a soft, wet cloth dipped in warm, soapy water to wipe down your countertops. Finish by drying them with a microfiber cloth. Also, disinfect your granite countertops regularly by following up your routine cleaning with a mixture of half water and half isopropyl alcohol. Let this solution sit on your granite countertops for about five minutes, then rinse with warm water and dry using a soft microfiber cloth. 

You may also consider purchasing a specialty granite countertop cleaning solution. However, avoid the use of acidic cleaners like bleach, lemon, ammonia, or vinegar on granite as these can damage your granite surfaces.


Deep Cleaning Granite Countertops

Make sure a sealant has been applied to your granite. Also, keep in mind that this sealant will wear away over time so your granite should be resealed periodically. If not, dirt, residue, bacteria, and liquid can seep deep into granite surfaces and become virtually impossible to remove. 

The good news is, Chem-Dry can help. Our granite countertop cleaning solution penetrates deep into granite surfaces and powerfully lifts bacteria and stains to the surface. Plus, we reseal your granite in the process—restoring stunning shine to your countertops and protecting them from future stains. 


Granite Countertop Renewal In Tacoma, Washington

Chem-Dry not only makes your granite countertops look like new again but removes 98.4% of bacteria from granite surfaces in the process. Protect and preserve your granite countertops with help from Green Leaf Chem-Dry at least once each year.

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